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I love how food brings people together. As much as I enjoy dining out I have been hosting dinner parties for as long as I can remember and thoroughly enjoy celebrating cooking for family and friends at home. So which parts of food do I love most? Try all of them.

I Love to Shop because it reminds me of the sources of my food. While some people might find it to be a drudgery I love how being at any food outlet is an sensory overload. The sights, smells and textures all come alive for me whether it be a great produce display at Whole Foods Markets, a roadside fruit stand or bustling farmer's market at the crack of dawn.

I Live to Eat. Who doesn't love eating but I also strive to eat healthy. I have taken Natural Foods Chef Training course from Chef Jenny Brewer offered at New Leaf Market in Santa Cruz. This fantastic eight week program covered just about facet of healthy eating including fats, sustainable produce, natural proteins, raw diet, sprouting, sweeteners and Superfoods. For more details on this course check out my blog and just click on the Cooking Class category.

Need to Cook? We all do. The common denominator for most of my recipes is simple. Most people I know have busy lives and they prefer fresh but fast. I rewrite every recipe I use into a format that is more intuitive for ease of shopping, prepping and cooking.

Love to Teach. I will soon be offering at home cooking classes featuring my favorite foods and designed especially for home chefs.

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Cooking with Carl
Grilled Peach Salad
Macaroni Salad
Breakfast Bar
Mashed Potao Tacos

Ancient Grains Bowl

LYFE Kitchen Vegan - No Animals Were Harmed in Making This Meal

Lyfe Open Kitchen

LYFE Kitchen Opening in Palo Alto is a Grand One

Lyfe Kitchen

LYFE Kitchen: Finally Fast Food For Flavor and Fitness

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Liba Falafel
The Eats of San Francisco:
Cinnamon Roll
A Tasty Tour of Santa Cruz
Cowgirl Creamery
The Cowgirl Creamery
Confessions of a Sushi Virgin
Bubble and Squeak
Best of the East Bay
Vegetable Tempura
Palo Alto Eateries
Cheap Eats Tour
Cheap Eats & Secret Menus
Norm's Market
Pescadero Surprise!
Eddie Papa's
Pleasanton the Name Fits
October TourOctober
Willow Glen
O Chamé
Fourth Street, Berkeley
Wagon Wheel
Carmel Valley & By-the-Sea

From Carl Loves Food - Click Here to View All On the Blog
Lasagna Pie
Mile High Lasagna Pie
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese
Mac and Cheese
Tyler Florence's Mac and Cheese
Watermelon Salad
Watermelon, Olives and Feta Cheese Salad
Torta de Risotto
Torta di Risotto
Baked Ziti
Baked Ziti
No Bake Peach Pie
No Bake Fresh Peach Pie
French Onion Soup
Tyler Florence's French Onion Soup
Pappardelle with Crab
Pappardelle With Crab

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