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Is a DJ always an MC?

Not necessarily. The two tasks have much different skill sets. DJ's have music knowledge and music mixing talents. A great MC has good microphone and strong public speaking skills. It takes both of these combined gifts to make a great entertainer.

What is the difference between an MC, Master of Ceremonies and Emcee?
MC is the acronym and emcee/Master of Ceremonies are synonyms so they mean the same thing

Does an MC do more than make announcements?
A good MC directs the event in much the same way a coordinator or on-site planner does. The success of any event is greatly impacted by how and when those announcements are made. The key is to command the attention of the audience without disturbing the mood of the party.

What will you wear?
I will dress as formal (tuxedo or suit) or as casual (sport coat, turtleneck or Hawaiian print shirt) as you would like me to. For formal events I will wear a bow tie and cummerbund (aka cumberbund) or a neck tie that complements your wedding colors. CLICK HERE to learn why complementing your wedding colors is so important to me.

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Can I find a great MC online?
Yes you can but picking a great MC requires a higher level of screening. Although the web can be a great resource you really need to get a conversation going with your prospective MC. After all, how will you know how his or her voice sounds unless you speak with them? The best audition is an in-person meeting so you can also see how they present themselves. There are many physical factors such as posture, appearance, mannerisms and personality that can only be appreciated by getting up close and personal. At the very least you should call them so you can hear their speaking style on the telephone.

What about having one of my guests act as the MC?
They will then be working and not a guest at your event. If they are not comfortable at public speaking, it might be awkward. If they do not have good mic presence, then their announcements might not be clearly heard by everyone.

Does an MC have to talk a lot?
A great MC adapts to his audience and environment which can vary greatly. For example a game show host has a much different style of presentation than someone conducting a museum tour. A good MC should orchestrate an event without being obtrusive.

What is the "Certified By the Guide" badge in the sidebar?
Here Comes the Guide is a resource for brides, grooms and event planners. The venues and professionals in it pay to advertise there but it's not just a matter of being willing to pay. Each company is carefully screened and submits many recommendations before being allowed to advertise on Here Comes the Guide. In other words, the companies listed there are thoroughly vetted to ensure that the wedding companies HCTG represents are professional, trustworthy and qualified.

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Hi! My name is Carl Mindling and I've been a full-time, Professional Wedding DJ and MC for over three decades. I also MC and DJ other special events including birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate events in San Jose, San Francisco, and the Greater Northern California Bay Area. Please give me a call or drop me an email if you have any questions about the services I offer.

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